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After 23 years as a process chemist for Parke-Davis, and then Pfizer as a result of the Warner Lambert - Pfizer merger, I have started a consulting business to help companies bring their molecules to the market place. My career thus-far has been very interesting and fruitful, having had the opportunity to work with a great group of scientists and support staff in the Chemical Development department in Holland, Michigan. My resume includes developing the manufacturing process for gabapentin, overseeing the chemical development and transfer of the atorvastatin commercial process to manufacturing plants, and interacting with the FDA with respect to API concerns with these products.

My objectives as a consultant for your company are simple:

  • Improve the success of API laboratory development
  • Improve success and economics of pilot scale demonstration
  • Assure successful transfer to manufacturing facilities
  • Minimize API related regulatory issues
  • Add real value to your organization

It is never too early to have an experienced process chemist review your synthetic procedures and API development plan. The earlier issues are brought to light - the better.

I am currently accepting new projects.

Jim Zeller,
Jim Zeller Consulting LLC

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